Andrea's Mini Website


Welcome to my website devoted to my current hobby and obsession, miniatures. Specifically dollhouses.

In this site you'll find out why I'm so enthusiastic about miniatures,  links to my favorite miniature related sites and photo journals of my dollhouses and projects.

 Barton Cottage Bakehouse

Works in Progress

Barton Cottage

Barton Cottage

My latest dollhouse currently in progress. An exact replica of Barton Cottage from "Sense & Sensibility".

Margaret's Desk

Marth Washington Desk from Tom Bishop International Workshop 

I dressed the Martha Washington desk built at this year''s Bishop show and named it Margaret's Desk after Margaret Dashwood. It will eventually end up in Barton Cottage.


New Orleans "After the Carnival"

I've been working on some roomboxes based upon a travel theme. It's fun to go to antique stores and dig around in their basements for old travel cases.